An empty space, my empty heart.

Since three years ago, every 4th in every month is a special day for me. I’m kinda sad to celebrate this special day alone haha but I always remind myself that I’m blessed to get your enormous and genuine love. Thanks for always having my back, be friend with me for almost 5 years.

I have re-read our chat (check your email lol) and I was laughing so hard cause we were too cheesy 😂 but it still romantic! I still can not believe that you can be a very very very romantic person.

I’ve been thinking about stop waiting for you and threw away my feelings for you lately. But …. there are some reason I want to continue this, even if it hurts (sometimes). Two of them are the way you express yourself, your love and respect to someone, and the way your beautiful eyes light up when you are happy or excited about something.

I hope I can be your home, a shelter in every storm, because you mean that to me. I always be here with my arms wide open, just ready to hug you anytime.

Hmm I feel like I’m born to be a cheesy person, plus rip my grammar lol

Lastly, I want to say something that I’ve said to you since god knows when, and I hope you didn’t refuse or tired of it … Aku sayang Kamu. Thank you and always be happy 💙

Ah~ Maybe I’ll edit this post later or better I just delete it. Bbaing~


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