I didn’t realize the tears that I’m holding in, are welling in my eyes.

I cry.

Are you listening to my voice? Are you listening right now?

Are you listening to this confession for you?

Are you listening to my heartbeat? It calls you whenever it wants to.

I never mean to forget you, but sometimes I feel like I should forget about us.

I see your smiling face, I guess you forgot everything.

How is she? Is she better than me? Did she erase all your memories about me?

Remember the past when you said let’s take some time, when you said let’s think about it. Because I’d been holding on to you for so long and there’s nothing I can do for you.

I keep thinking in my head, should I say this or not after we’ve parting away.

Although I don’t want to, I must let you go. It’s the only way to make you happy.

I always wishing you a happiness. As long as you’re happy, I will happy too.

But sometimes I’m asking to my self, why should I wish you happiness when you’re the one who left me?

I ain’t that perfect but sometimes I’m tryin’ to erase you perfectly. Like you did, maybe.

But I realize that I need to forget that I’m trying to forget you.

Because when I tell my self that I really forgot about us in the past, in the end I’m talking about you. Always you, that came up first in my mind.

Because I think if I forget about you, maybe I’m gonna be the one who left you and it feels so selfish. Wanting you back but pushing you away.

Saying maybe someday you will meet someone who can make you happier and the kind of love you deserve and act like pain is only temporary but actually my heart still hurts every time I breathe.

Because when I look back even we have came too far to turn things back, you’re always right behind me. To support me, hold me, hug me, and then pushing me away. You make me live and die again.

And because I know that I can’t erase those perfect memories. Yes, our memories were too perfect for the imperfect me.

Your light touches make me forget the reality at once. I am very happy, sad, and thankful at the same time.

I know you’re there, stay by my side for straightening me out, for waking me from being suffocated, and for waking me from a dream which was all I was living in.

Maybe me and you are waiting the best moment for us to getting back together. But for some reason, I can’t reach you and maybe you feel the same as me.

So, please. Don’t forget about us.

Why is it so much harder to fall out of love?

I think it is because you were like the umbrella above my head when the cold rain fell on my shoulders.

Now I feel like living in a world where my other half is gone.

Why is it so dark when you’re not here?

Can you please save me? Because I can’t get a grip on myself.

Because I will never forget about you.

Realizing that having you by my side was a habit.

I can’t be without you.

I love you, with all of my heart.










Got this lyrical thoughts from these beautiful songs :

  1. BTS – Butterfly
  2. BTS – Save Me
  3. DAY6 – Congratulations
  4. DAY6 – Letting Go
  5. Epik High ft. Lee Hi – Can You Hear Me?
  6. Epik High ft. Younha – Umbrella

Cheers 🍻


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